Absence is a major cost for any school, both financially and operationally. Parallel’s automated absence reporting and management system is a valuable tool that can be used to easily report and track absences, it also provides a way to help reduce absences. Parallel Education goes one step further and has dispatching coverage for the absences the automated system could not fill. Our dispatching coverage is from Monday through Thursday 4am-10pm, Friday 4am-3pm and Sunday 5pm-10pm.


How to Reduce Absences with Parallel

  • Monitoring: Monitoring is the single most important component if you want to reduce absences – as before you can reduce it you need to measure it! Monitoring in itself will start to reduce absences, as employees will know that any absence will be noted and tracked.
  • Analyze Absence Records: With Parallel‘s monitoring system in place, records can be analyzed for trends and allow your district or school to monitor any initiatives for reducing absences to see if they are effective. Access to data is in real-time; that includes access to absences, job lists, details, employee profiles, all data records, and most importantly, reports. Reports containing old data are not useful, that is why extensive resources are invested into providing users with real-time access to data without compromising system performance.

Example of useful reports are:

  • Total day absence in the period (including the days and date of absence)
  • Total of any other absence (e.g. appointments, any part-days absence and reasons)
  • Reasons for absence (broken down into holiday, sickness, other)
  • Patterns to absence (any Friday/Monday)
  • The cost of absence (e.g. sick pay or salary paid during absence, or overtime paid to cover absence, temps etc).

Absence Management Technology


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