Parallel Education Division Benefits Weekly Pay

Weekly Pay

Parallel Education Division Benefits Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

Parallel Education Division Benefits 401K


Parallel Education Division Benefits Health Coverage

Health Coverage

Parallel Education Division offers major health insurance plans available for health, dental and vision, pending eligibility, for single, single plus one, and family.

  • Parallel Education Division is offering Employees the following coverage which satisfies the federally mandated “minimum essential coverage” so you can avoid the Affordable Care Act tax penalty.

  • An MVP plan not only contains the Preventive and Wellness Benefits required by ACA, but it also covers strategically selected medical benefits, including a nationally acclaimed patented Chronic Disease Management (CDM) program, prescription drug coverage, and online access to Explanations of Benefits, plan summaries, and much more.

  • When you use the Multiplan PPO, services covered under your plan will be reimbursed at the higher network percent. Also, all incurred charges will be discounted by Multiplan.

Parallel Education Division Benefits Electronic W2

Electronic W-2

As our employee, you will have access to your W-2 through our easy to use WebCenter.

Parallel Education Division Benefits Local Offices

Local Offices

Parallel’s local offices are conveniently located near our partner schools, allowing Substitutes to easily stop in for any assistance they may need or questions they may have.  Parallel’s local offices also provide additional training, resources and support.

Parallel Education Division Benefits Substitute of the Month

Substitute of the Month

Earn your way into our Substitute of the Month program and receive various prizes, gift cards and a personalized certificate.

Parallel Education Division Benefits Random Acts of Greatness

Random Acts of Greatness

Certain times of the year there are days that are hectic, stressful and downright challenging. In those moments, Parallel recognizes those Substitutes who continue to put in their very best efforts. They are rewarded, unbeknownst to them, with a thank you note and gift card of gratitude.

Parallel Education Division Benefits Unlimited Hours

Unlimited Hours

Parallel will not limit the hours worked for Substitutes. We encourage full time employment if the Substitute desires. In addition, we gladly accommodate part time employment as well, knowing that some Substitutes prefer to maintain a light schedule.