Parallel Education’s Calendar Contest

Starting in 2015, Parallel started a Calendar Contest between 12 of our partnering schools. The schools were chosen at random and the goal was to have one class from each chosen school draw a picture. Each school was provided a specific month to draw in response to the following question:

What does (chosen month) mean to you?

The pictures you see to your right are the winners of the contest. We received well over 200 submissions this year and we wish we could have chosen them all! Student’s imaginations are extraordinary and we hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did! Different mediums were used across the board, whether it was drawn in colored pencils, painted,  pastels, etc.  We couldn’t have asked for a better result!

Lastly, these pictures were used to create a 2017 Calendar. This calendar was our holiday gift and given to our partnering schools across our seven states. With over 500 printed and shipped, this calendar will be seen by thousands of school administrators, teachers, and students!