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Parallel Education Division Referral Bonus Refer your Friends

Step One:

Refer Your Friends

Do you know someone that would enjoy Substitute Teaching? Refer them to the position and you could get paid! Keep in mind, if your friend is in Parallel Education’s database or has had contact with Parallel within the last 60 days, no bonus will be paid.

Parallel Education Division Referral Bonus Fill Out the Form

Step Two:

Fill out the form Below

After you’ve referred your friend, fill out the form below. Be sure to include the referral’s full name.

Parallel Education Division Referral Bonus Get Paid

Step Three:

Get Paid

Candidate referral must be placed on assignment within three months of initial employment or if your referral is directly hired by one of our schools. Referral bonus payments will be paid after the referred employee works 20 days in the first 3 months.



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