Parallel Education’s staffing services provide instant and long-standing cost savings to our schools and districts. Our program can be customized to support any existing system that a client has in place and true cost savings can be tracked by using our Web-Portal to access reports for your school or district. Rather than solely using an automated system, Parallel has live dispatchers that continue to make calls when most other systems shut down. This maximizes the opportunity for schools to receive the best candidates, even for those last minute or unfilled openings!

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Elimination of Taxes & Liabilities

By eliminating taxes and liabilities, your school or district will benefit from real cost savings. This in turn will allow you to keep more funding for your school and the children. Parallel has a deep passion for the education of children therefore, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed.


Web Based Reporting

With our web based reporting technology, it allows us to ensure that a substitute vacancy does not go unfilled. This makes it easy for schools and districts to let us fill their vacancies, instead of worrying about it themselves.


Payroll Services

At Parallel Education Division, we understand the importance of saving money. We are here to help reduce your overall spending on substitute placement, recruiting, screening and training. All of this is done by US, instead of the school. Parallel simply sends a single invoice for your weekly payment.


Absenteeism Reduction

Parallel Education Division’s process for filling your substitute vacancies is set up for success. With our process, we maintain a 95% fill ratio. We do this by tracking all of the substitutes and their availability to guarantee that there is no mishaps or absences in your school or district.