Parallel Education’s staffing services provide instant and long-standing cost savings to our schools and districts.  Our program can be customized to support any existing system that a client has in place and true cost savings can be tracked by our systems.  Rather than solely using an automated system, Parallel has live dispatchers that continue to make and take calls when most other systems shut down. 

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Employer of Record Services

Parallel Education Division understands the importance of staying within tight budget constraints and minimizing costs. We employ the substitutes and remove the burden of taxes and liabilities for the school or district.  With Parallel Education Division as the Employer of Record, our clients are no longer responsible for:

  • All wages

  • Taxes and withholdings

  • Unemployment Compensation

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Benefits including health insurance and pension (health insurance meets all requirements under the Affordable Care Act)*

  • I-9 compliance, file kept on record

  • W-4 compliance

  • E-verification

  • Preparation and filing of employee tax forms

  • Payroll, including tax reports and tax deposits

  • All employee/ payroll related concerns

  • Unemployment and tax claims

  • State Audits

  • Workers Compensation Insurance and Claims

  • Blanket bonds

  • Benefits

  • Retirement

  • Dispatching

  • Administrative Costs

  • Record keeping

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Interviewing

Imagine excluding all these responsibilities for your school or district and reducing administrative burden!

Parallel Education Division eliminates the above burden entirely for our clients. We make it an easy transition so you can focus on what really matters, the children. Parallel will handle all of the administrative work and focus on filling your day-to-day vacancies, reducing the headache of trying to find coverage. 



*Parallel Education Division is offering Employees the following coverage which satisfies the federally mandated “minimum essential coverage” so that you can avoid the ACA tax penalty: MVP – Minimum Value Plan with Multiplan PPO.