With Parallel Education Division you receive the benefits of both a live and automated dispatching system in addition to the cost savings associated with recruiting, document verification, screening, elimination of taxes and liabilities.

Our online system works in conjunction with any existing system a school or district may have in place.

Web based customized reports to track:

  • Total spending by school, group, network or district
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Flexible for large and small schools, districts
  • Email confirmation to administrators, teachers and substitute teachers


Web Based Reporting Benefits

Absence Creation

Teachers can register their absences at any time by calling their school, our education team or notifying our online system. Our dispatchers and automated calling system immediately begin their search for available substitutes that match the schools criteria. This way the sub request is matched with the appropriate substitute teacher.

Robust Reporting

Administrators can access reports on important trends like employee absenteeism and high absence days with Parallel’s library of reports. With Parallel, you can also customize reports that meet your district’s unique activity and financial reporting needs.

Real-Time Visibility

With Parallel’s real-time visibility function, school administrators are able to control Absence Creation, Reporting, and have Real-Time Visibility. By using Parallel Education Division’s first hand knowledge, we can help match that specific need of the classroom.

Substitute Placement

Parallel Education Division offers our subs a very easy route to placement. By using our online system or calling our live dispatching team, our substitutes can check any current available openings.

No Installations

Parallel’s online program is 100% web-based. This means instead of installing hardware, software and phone lines at your district/ school, we store and provide all the data for you – and the school can access it online, anytime.