Parallel Education Division Direct Hire Program for Schools

Direct Hire Program for Schools

Parallel Education’s Direct Hire Program is an excellent resource in acquiring great Teachers for your school.  Parallel’s expertise is recruiting and our Direct Hire Program is perfect for a Teacher opening you may have at the beginning, during, or end of the school year. 

Parallel’s direct hire program is simple.  We recruit, screen, verify credentials, and set up an interview with the candidate and the school, making for a smooth transition.

Parallel Education’s Program includes:

  • Pre-screened candidates ready for interviewing

  • No financial obligation unless the new Teacher is hired

  • 30 day guarantee – to ensure you have selected the best Teacher for your school

  • One time Direct Hire fee at the time of hire

Parallel Education Division Direct Hire Program for Teachers

Direct Hire Program for Teachers

Parallel Education Division’s Direct Hire Program is simple and easy for all Certified Teachers.  If you recently graduated with a Teaching degree or are currently in between Teaching jobs, we will bring you in for an interview.  Often times we will ask our candidates to Substitute Teach for a short period of time to get their foot in the door at a school of their choosing.  In turn, this helps Certified Teachers put their name at the top of the list when a School or District looks to fill an internal vacancy.

What Parallel needs from Teachers to get the process started:

  • Apply

  • Schedule an interview

  • Discuss Direct Hire opportunities with a local Recruiter

  • Possibly Substitute for a period of time

  • If one of our clients needs to fill an internal vacancy, we will submit your name and resume