Partnership with Western Governors University WGU

  • Parallel Education has recently developed a partnership with Western Governors University (WGU).
  • All employee’s of Parallel Education will receive a 5% tuition discount for up to four terms.
  • WGU is an online, non profit, competency-based university.
  • Accredited degree programs
    • Business
    • Information Technology
    • Teacher Education
    • Health Professions (including Nursing)
  • Self-paced approach allows for extensive personalization for your program so it fits into your busy schedule.

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What is STEDI?

  • Parallel Education has partnered with to provide the best possible Substitute Teachers to our schools and districts.
  • In 2008, Utah State University signed a licensed agreement with Substitute Teaching Division of STEDI to market and distribute the educational materials that the Substitute Institute at Utah State had created.
  • provides research-based training materials and services designed to improve student achievement for a Substitute Teacher.

What is the purpose of at Parallel Education Division?

    • We want to ensure our Substitutes are set up for success, therefore we encourage they purchase one of the training prior to accepting an assignment.
    • STEDI trainings are designed to encourage, motivate and introduce all Parallel Substitute Teachers to the world of substitute teaching.
    • The STEDI training process provides Substitutes with the general expectations and useful strategies to use inside the classroom.

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Safeguarding Gods Children

Why should I take the Safeguarding class?
Parallel Education encourages all of our Wisconsin Substitute Teachers to sign up for the three (3) hour Safeguarding class to make them more aware of sexual abuse. It benefits our Substitutes by preparing them for what to do if they are ever encountered with a sexual abuse situation. You will be paid $50 to attend the class. We need a copy of the certificate you receive at the end, in order to receive your payment. This is ONLY for Wisconsin Substitute Teachers.

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