Every month school is in session, the local branches of Parallel Education will nominate a Substitute of the Month. These Substitutes are extraordinary teachers, but most of all, extraordinary people that exhibit hard work, dedication, and reliability! Most of their stories of why they have been nominated are different, but some are similar. Over the years, we have employed thousands of Substitute Teachers and have had some terrific teachers!

By nominating a Substitute of the Month, it is our way of saying “Thank you” and giving back a little of what they give us. Substitute Teaching is a tough profession – which is why we at Parallel believe hard work and dedication should not go unrewarded! If applicable, a Parallel representative will present the nominee’s reward in person – to allow for a personable “thank you” and “congratulations”. Having face time with our Substitutes is always terrific, but to see the reaction on their faces when they receive the award is priceless! Congratulations to all past, current, and future nominees!



Each nominee will receive a gift package from Parallel. The gift package consists of different items on a month-to-month basis, but they always consist of a certificate and gift card along with a few things teachers can use on the job:

  • Reusable Tote bag
  • Tumbler
  • Coffee Mug
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Highlighter
  • Draw string bag
  • Flash light key chain
  • Laser pointer pen
  • Sticky notes
  • And more!

January Substitutes






Congratulations to Karen Scott, January’s Sub of the Month!  Karen is a long time Parallel Education sub who is dedicated to the teaching profession.  She is consistently requested to return to schools by administrators and staff.  We at Parallel would like to “Thank You” for your devotion and support to educating students!  Job Well Done!



Alicia has gone above and beyond while at the Middle School.  She has integrated herself with the staff and students while being professional, reliable and flexible.  We appreciate her willingness and ability to contribute to the success of our students.  Congratulations to our Sub of the Month.


Richard has constantly gone above and beyond for Parallel and our Schools. He is always willing to take assignments that might be considered less glamorous than others  and he is not afraid to actually teach our youth as opposed to just being a body in a classroom for a day. Richard truly values teaching and it is evident in the quality of work and professionalism he shows day in and day out. Our schools and Parallel truly value Mr. Mills and his incredible work ethic. We cannot say enough great things about him. Thanks for being a part of the Parallel Family.