Every month school is in session, each individual branch of Parallel Education will nominate a Substitute of the Month. These Substitutes are extraordinary teachers, but most of all, extraordinary people that exhibit hard work, dedication, and reliability! Most of their stories of why they have been nominated are different, but some are similar. Over the years, we have employed thousands of Substitute Teachers and have had some terrific teachers!

By nominating a Substitute of the Month, it is our way of saying “Thank you” and giving back a little of what they give us. Substitute Teaching is a tough profession – which is why we at Parallel believe hard work and dedication should not go unrewarded! If applicable, a Parallel representative will present the nominee’s reward in person – to allow for a personable “thank you” and “congratulations”. Having face time with our Substitutes is always terrific, but to see the reaction on their faces when they receive the award is priceless! Congratulations to all past, current, and future nominees!




Each nominee will receive a gift package from Parallel. The gift package consists of different items on a month-to-month basis, but they always consist of a few things teachers can use on the job:

  • Certificate
  • Tumbler
  • Coffee Mug
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Highlighter
  • Draw string bag
  • Flash light key chain
  • Laser pointer pen
  • Gift cards
  • And more!

May  Substitutes!

Martha Carter – Wisconsin

“From the first day that she came, she dove right in and gave it her all. She stayed late (with my permission) to figure out the curriculum that we gave her and prepared the lessons herself as if she were the regular teacher. She has done a super job and I would like to recommend her for Sub of the Month due to her dedication and willingness to be prepared.”

Congratulations Martha on being selected as our Wisconsin Substitute of the Month!

Jason Novak – Illinois

Mr. Novak is a Substitute Teacher out of our Chicago, IL branch.  He has been a great employee to Parallel Education. He is always being requested at every UNO School and he has shown the great qualities we want from our subs.

We truly appreciate his hard work and willingness to be flexible. This led to his nomination for our Substitute of the Month.

Congratulations Mr. Novak on being selected as our Illinois Substitute of the Month!

Charlett Silver – Missouri

“St. Louis would like to nominate Charlett Silver for May Sub of the Month. She is a wonderful sub to work with, the schools really enjoy working with her, and request her frequently. She is willing to go to a variety of schools across the St. Louis area, and she communicates well with the Parallel team about her availability for assignments and preferences.”

Congratulations Charlett on being selected as our Missouri Substitute of the Month!

Sterling Miller – Ohio

Sterling Miller is a great asset to the Columbus team. He works just about everyday and is very pleasant to deal with!

Congratulations Mr. Miller on being selected as our Ohio Substitute of the Month!

Ian Wilcox – Kansas

“We would like to nominate Ian Wilcox as our Kansas Sub of the Month. Since the first day he started working for us he has accepted every assignment available even sometimes splitting a day between 2 assignments. He has never refused to do whatever is asked of him. He is very reliable and a hard worker, we are lucky to have his work ethic.”

Congratulations Ian on being selected as our Kansas Substitute of the Month!

Lori Clayton – Tennessee 

Ms. Clayton is a certified teacher that has been requested to be put on the priority list at multiple schools!  She has worked for us on a weekly basis for a number of months now.  She is a joy to be around and has an outstanding work ethic and personality that the teachers and students both love.

Congratulations Ms. Clayton on being selected as our Tennessee Substitute of the Month!

Diana Eldridge – Indiana 

Diana was a very dedicated sub to Carl Wilde school 79. She consistently lled assignments at the school all year even on short notices. She went above and beyond every day at the school assisting and helping in any manner she was needed.

Congratulations Diana on being selected as our Indiana Substitute of the Month!