Frequently Asked Questions for Schools

What differentiates Parallel Education from its competitors?

Our integrity and passion. Parallel’s core competency for over 25 years has been recruiting and placement. Parallel Education Division believes in Face-to-Face interviews. This is critical in helping to identify an interviewee’s level of preparation, qualifications, communication and professionalism. Our standardized processes ultimately ensure our Substitute Teachers make the commitment of excellence to Parallel and our partner schools.

How long has Parallel been in business?

Michael Skemp founded our organization in 1987. The Education Division was started in the early 2000’s out of requests from schools and districts to help them with Substitute Teacher recruiting and dispatching.  We are currently working with schools/ districts in five different states and growing.

Where does Parallel Education Division have locations?

Parallel currently provides Substitute Teacher services in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and Tennessee. We are growing rapidly and are looking forward to expanding our operations throughout the United States.

When can I reach Parallel Education Division?

You can reach Parallel 24/7 through our automated sub request system. In addition, our office hours are 4:00am– 10:00pm, Monday- Thursday and 4:00am – 5:00pm on Friday. We have night dispatchers on Sunday from 5:00pm—10:00pm and they are available via phone or email.

Does Parallel Education only place Substitute Teachers?

Parallel also provides Teaching Assistants, Administrative positions, Clerical/ Office support, Food Service, IT professionals, and custodial workers. We also have a direct hire program for the vacant positions a school may have. All of our employees are screened and credentials/ certifications verified prior to their placement. For more information about the Substitute placement process, click here.

How do I request a Substitute Teacher?

Parallel understands the need to be flexible for our schools. To request a Substitute Teacher, schools  register an absence through our absence management/ sub request system, or they can call and email us directly with their request. Within minutes we are searching to fill that vacancy and will respond to you with a confirmation of the request and the name of the sub who filled the position.

How do I know I am receiving a licensed substitute?

Our districts and schools perform random audits of our sub’s files to ensure we are following all states hiring criteria. Parallel employs only licensed Substitute Teachers and licensed teaching assistants for the classroom as outlined by each individual state’s Board of Education. We follow all mandated screening requirements by state such as: E-Verify, national criminal background check, sex offender screening, drug testing, and more.

If I receive a Substitute Teacher that is not a fit for my school, can I request a different Substitute Teacher the following day?

Parallel has a sub pool from which to choose. Should one of our schools become unsatisfied with a particular sub, they can request that the sub “not return” and a replacement sub is secured. Parallel maintains both “VIP” sub lists and “DO NOT RETURN” sub lists for our schools and districts ensuring the “BEST FIT” every time. At Parallel Education, we take pride in placing the right candidates for our schools. This not only means our clients are happy, but the children are being taught by a certified professional each and everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers

Where does Parallel Education Division have locations?

Parallel Education has locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and Tennessee. We have the capability to spread throughout the United States using our state of the art absence management system. Having many different locations allows us to have a variety of job openings.

When can I reach Parallel Education?

Parallel’s offices are open from 4:00am—10:00 pm with a 24-hour live dispatching system available for our Substitute Teachers. Our dispatching center is open from 4:00am– 10:00pm, Monday- Thursday and 4:00am – 5:00pm on Friday. We have night dispatchers on Sunday from 5:00pm—10:00pm and they are available via phone or email.. Parallel’s program allows our subs to register their availability online so they will receive calls for open positions on days that are convenient for them.

Does Parallel Education only place Substitute Teachers?

Parallel is able to assist our schools with Teaching Assistants, Administrative positions, Clerical/Office support and Custodial workers. All of our employees are screened and credentials/certifications verified prior to their placement. This allows us to set our employees up for success in the school and classroom.

Does Parallel Education offer a training program?

Parallel offers training through STEDI, the number one substitute-training program in the nation. Our teachers are required to take one of the classes offered through STEDI each year.  Once completed, the certification can be listed on a resume to show the teacher has completed the STEDI training program.

How do I apply?

Start your application process at our website or by clicking here. Once completed, our Education Team will contact you to set up a time to be interviewed. By going through a Face-to-Face interview, it allows us to develop a personal relationship with you to ensure we place you in the right position.

How do I get placed to one of Parallel Education Division partnering schools?

Once you have completed our application process, you will become an active substitute. Then our process begins. We have an automated phone calling system that starts calling at 5AM CST. But, Parallel’s process goes one step further by having live dispatchers that begin calling our existing sub pool. If you choose to not receive phone calls, our online system is available 24/7 to access our job listings.

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