Education Corporate

Phone: +1.888.987.7753

Our Corporate location for Parallel Education Division is located at:

4501 Washington Ave
Racine, WI 53405

Our Dispatch Center operates at this location.  Normal business hours are as follows:

Monday – Thursday | 4:00 AM – 10:00 PM CST
Friday | 4:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST
Sunday | 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM CST


Phone: +1.773.486.2567

Our local Illinois branch is located at:

7222 W. Cermak Rd., Suite 401
North Riverside, IL 60546

Recruiter: Ashley Barden


The following are partner schools affiliated with our local Illinois office:


Charter Schools

Acero: Bartolome De Las Casas Elementary

Acero: Brighton Park Elementary

Acero: Carlos Fuentes Elementary

Acero: Esmeralda Santiago Elementary

Acero: Jovita Idar Elementary

Acero: Major Hector P. Garcia M.D. High

Acero: Octavio Paz Elementary

Acero: Officer Donald J. Marquez Elementary

Acero: PFC Omar E. Torres Elementary

Acero: Roberto Clemente

Acero: Rufino Tamayo Elementary

Acero: Sor Juana Inés De La Cruz

Acero: Sandra Cisneros Elementary

Acero: SPC Daniel Zizumbo Elementary

Acero:  Victoria Soto High

ACE Technical Charter High School

Amandla Charter

ASPIRA Business & Finance High

ASPIRA Early College High

ASPIRA Haugan Middle

Chicago Collegiate Charter

Epic Academy

Instituto Health Sciences Career

Instituto Justice & Leadership Academy

LEARN 6 (North Chicago)



LEARN 9 (Waukegan)

LEARN 10 (North Chicago)

LEARN Campbell

LEARN Hunter Perkins Campus

LEARN Excel Campus

LEARN Romano Butler

LEARN South Chicago Campus

Legal Prep Charter

Passages Charter School

Perspectives High School of Technology/ Leadership Academy

Perspectives IIT Math & Science Academy

Perspectives Middle Academy

Perspectives Rodney D. Joslin Campus

Rowe Elementary

Rowe Middle School

UCAN Academy

West Town Academy

YCCS: ASPIRA Antonia Pantoja High

YCCS: Latino Youth Alternative High School

YCCS: Olive – Harvey Middle College

YCCS: Progressive Leadership Academy

YCCS: Truman Middle College

YCCS: Westside Holistic

Youth Connection Leadership Academy


Private Schools

Augustus Tolton Catholic School

Children’s Habilitation Center

Holy Angels

Holy Family Lutheran Little Learners

Leo High School

Our Lady of Tepeyac Elementary School

Saint Lucia School

St. Ailbe School

St. Bruno School

St. Ethelreda School

St. James Lutheran School

St. John De La Salle Catholic Academy

St. Louis De Monfort Catholic School

St. Margaret of Scotland School

St. Michael School (South Shore)

St Nicholas Cathedral School

St. Philip Lutheran School

St. Philip Neri School

St. Richard Catholic School

St. Thomas the Apostle School

St. William School


Special Programs

Proviso Leyden Council for Community Action, Inc.


Phone: +1.317.559.5896

Our local Indiana branch is located at:

748 Bates Street Suite 300
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Assistant Branch Manager: Justin Moore
Recruiter: Keith Thomas


The following are partner schools affiliated with our local Indiana office:


Public Schools

IPS Anna Brauchhausen School 88

IPS Arlington Community High School

IPS Arlington Woods School 99

IPS Arsenal Technical High School

IPS Brookside School 54

IPS Butler University Lab 60

IPS Career & Technology Center

IPS Carl Wilde School 79

IPS Center for Inquiry School 2

IPS Center for Inquiry School 27

IPS Center for Inquiry 84

IPS Center for Inquiry 70

IPS Charles Warren Fairbanks 105

IPS Christian Park School 82

IPS Clarence Farrington School 61

IPS Courage Center

IPS Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet High School

IPS Daniel Webster School 46

IPS Eleanor Skillen School 34

IPS Eliza Blaker School 55

IPS Enlace Academy at Gambold 708

IPS Ernie Pyle School 90

IPS Floro Torrence School 83

IPS Francis Bellamy School 102

IPS Francis W. Parker School 56

IPS Frederick Douglass School 19

IPS George S. Buck School 94

IPS George W. Julian School 57

IPS George Washington Carver 87

IPS George Washington Community High School

IPS Graduation Academy

IPS Harshman Magnet Middle School

IPS Henry W. Longfellow Medical/STEM Middle School 28

IPS James A. Garfield School 31

IPS James Russell Lowell School 51

IPS James Whitcomb Riley School 43

IPS John Marshall Middle School

IPS Jonathan Jennings School 109

IPS Larue Carter

IPS Lew Wallace School 107

IPS Louis B Russell Jr. School 48

IPS Lutherwood

IPS Marion County Jail

IPS Merideth Nicholson School 96

IPS Newcomber School

IPS Northwest Middle School

IPS Paul I. Miller School 114

IPS Positive Supports Academy

IPS Programs for Young Children

IPS Ralph Waldo Emerson School 58

IPS Raymond F. Brandes School 65

IPS Resolute

IPS Resource/Pride

IPS Robert Lee Frost School 106


IPS Rousseau McClellan School 91

IPS Shortridge International Baccalaureate High School

IPS Sidener Academy for High Ability Students

IPS Simon Youth Academy Circle Center

IPS Step Ahead Academy

IPS Stephen Foster School 67

IPS Theodore Potter School 74

IPS William McKinley School 39

IPS William Penn School 49


Innovation Schools

IPS Cold Spring School: Innovation School & SPED

IPS Edison School of the Arts: Innovation School & SPED

IPS Enlace Academy

IPS Global Prep at Riverside School 44

IPS Ignite Achievement Academy at Elder Diggs 42

IPS Matchbook Learning at Wendell Phillips 63

IPS Kindezi at Joyce Kilmer Academy 69: Innovation School & SPED

IPS Phalen Leadership Academy 103: Innovation School

IPS Phalen Leadership Academy at George H. Fisher 93

IPS SUPER School Inc

IPS Thomas D. Gregg Neighborhood School 15

IPS URBAN ACT Academy at Washington Irving 14


Charter Schools

Avondale Meadows Elementary

Avondale Meadows Middle School

Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School

Christel House Academy West

Christel House South

Goodwill J.A.G. Indianapolis Met High School

Hoosier Academy

IMSA North


Indy Metro High School

Indiana College Preparatory School

Juvenile Detention Center

Marion Academy

The Excel Center Franklin Road

The Excel Center Meadows

The Excel Center University Heights

The Excel Center West

Tindley Collegiate Academy

Tindley Genesis Academy

Tindley Renaissance

Tindley Summit Academy


Special Programs

Hot Skates Skating Rink


United Way Facilities

Beginnings Preschool & Childcare

Bethany Early Learning Ministry

East Tenth United Methodist Children & Youth Center

Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center Preschool

Helping Hands Childcare and Preschool


Phone: +1.816.205.8299

Our local Kansas branch is located at:

8700 State Line Rd., Suite 325
Leawood, KS 66206

Regional Account Executive: Alyssa Groenig


The following are partner schools affiliated with our local Kansas office.


Charter Schools

Brookside Elementary

Brookside Middle School

Crossroads Academy Central Street

Crossroads Preparatory Academy

Crossroads Academy Quality Hill

Frontier School of Excellence

Frontier School of Innovation Elementary

Frontier School of Innovation Middle

Frontier STEM High School

Guadalupe Centers Elementary School

Guadalupe Centers Middle School

Guadalupe Centers High School

Hogan Prep Academy – Elementary

Hogan Prep Academy – Middle School

Hogan Prep Academy – High School

Kansas City International Academy (KCIA) Elementary

Kansas City International Academy (KCIA) Middle School

KIPP Endeavor Academies

Lee A. Tolbert

Scuola Vita Nuova

Sherwood Autism Center

University Academy


Phone: +1.314.256.9771

Our local Missouri branch is located at:

745 Old Ballas Road
St. Louis, MO 63141

Branch Manager: Samantha Komlose
Recruiters: Jonathan Schwab & Derrick Thomas


The following are partner schools affiliated with our local Missouri office:


Special School District

SSD ACE Program: Hazelwood

SSD Affton High School: Affton

SSD Alternative Discipline Center: Parkway

SSD Armstrong Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Arrowpoint Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Barack Obama Elementary: Normandy

SSD Barretts Elementary: Parkway

SSD Barrington Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Beasley Elementary: Mehlville

SSD Bellerive Elementary: Parkway

SSD Bernard Middle: Mehlville

SSD Bierbaum Accelerated: Mehlville

SSD Blades Elementary: Mehlville

SSD Brown Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Buerkle Middle: Mehlville

SSD Carman Trails Elementary: Parkway

SSD Claymont Elementary: Parkway

SSD Cold Water Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Concord Elementary: Lindbergh

SSD Craig Elementary: Parkway

SSD Crestwood Elementary: Lindbergh

SSD Danforth Elementary: Riverview Gardens

SSD Danforth Intermediate Academy: Riverview Gardens

SSD Dressel Elementary: Lindbergh

SSD Fairview Intermediate: Jennings

SSD Fairview Primary : Jennings

SSD Forder Elementary: Mehlville

SSD Garrett Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Gibson Elementary : Riverview Gardens

SSD Glasgow Elementary: Riverview Gardens

SSD Gotsch Intermediate: Affton

SSD Grannemann Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Green Trails Elementary: Parkway

SSD Hagemann Elementary: Mehlville

SSD Hanna Woods Elementary: Parkway

SSD Hazelwood Central Middle: Hazelwood

SSD Hazelwood Central High: Hazelwood

SSD Hazelwood East High: Hazelwood

SSD Hazelwood East Middle: Hazelwood

SSD Hazelwood North Middle: Hazelwood

SSD Hazelwood Northwest Middle: Hazelwood

SSD Hazelwood Southeast Middle: Hazelwood

SSD Hazelwood West High: Hazelwood

SSD Hazelwood West Middle: Hazelwood

SSD Henry Elementary: Parkway

SSD Highcroft Ridge Elementary: Parkway

SSD Highland Elementary: Riverview Gardens

SSD Jamestown Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Jana Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Jefferson Elementary: Normandy

SSD Jennings Educational Training JETS: Jennings

SSD Jennings Junior High : Jennings

SSD Jennings Senior High: Jennings

SSD Jury Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Keeven Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Kennerly Elementary: Lindbergh

SSD Kenneth C. Hanrahan Elementary : Jennings

SSD Koch Elementary: Riverview Gardens

SSD Larimore Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Lawson Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Lemasters Elementary: Riverview Gardens

SSD Lewis & Clark Elementary: Riverview Gardens

SSD Lindbergh High School: Lindbergh

SSD Long Elementary: Lindbergh

SSD Lucas Crossing Elementary: Normandy

SSD Lusher Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Mason Ridge Elementary: Parkway

SSD McCurdy Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD McKelvey Elementary: Parkway

SSD McNair Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Meadows Elementary: Riverview Gardens

SSD Mehlville Sr. High: Mehlville

SSD Mesnier Primary: Affton

SSD Normandy Kindergarten Center: Normandy

SSD Normandy High/ACE Program: Normandy

SSD Normandy Middle: Normandy

SSD Northview Elementary : Jennings

SSD Oak Brook Elementary: Parkway

SSD Oakville Elementary: Mehlville

SSD Oakville Middle: Mehlville

SSD Oakville Senior High: Mehlville

SSD Parkway Central High: Parkway

SSD Parkway Central Middle: Parkway

SSD Parkway Fern Ridge High: Parkway

SSD Parkway North High: Parkway

SSD Parkway Northeast Middle: Parkway

SSD Parkway South High: Parkway

SSD Parkway South Middle: Parkway

SSD Parkway Southwest Middle: Parkway

SSD Parkway West High: Parkway

SSD Parkway West Middle: Parkway

SSD Pierremont Elementary: Parkway

SSD Point Elementary School: Mehlville

SSD River Bend Elementary: Parkway

SSD Riverview Gardens Central Middle: Riverview Gardens

SSD Riverview Gardens High: Riverview Gardens

SSD Robert H. Sperreng Middle: Lindbergh

SSD Rogers Middle: Affton

SSD Rogers Elementary: Mehlville

SSD Ross Elementary: Parkway

SSD Russell Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Sappington Elementary: Lindbergh

SSD SCOPE: Affton/Bayless/Lindbergh/Mehlville

SSD Shenanadoah Valley Elementary: Parkway

SSD Sorrento Springs Elementary: Parkway

SSD Townsend Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Trautwein Elementary: Mehlville

SSD Truman Middle: Lindbergh

SSD Twillman Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Walker Elementary: Hazelwood

SSD Washington Elementary: Normandy

SSD Washington Middle: Mehlville

SSD Westview Middle: Riverview Gardens

SSD Wohlwend Elementary : Mehlville

SSD Woodland Elementary: Jennings

SSD Wren Hollow Elementary: Parkway


Charter Schools

Carondelet Leadership Academy

City Garden Montessori

La Salle Middle School

Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls

Northside Community School

St. Louis College Prep

St. Louis Language Immersion – French & Chinese

St. Louis Language Immersion – Spanish

The Biome School



Public Schools

Airport Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Bayless Elementary: Bayless

Bayless High: Bayless

Bayless Middle: Bayless

Berkeley Middle: Ferguson-Florissant

Bermuda Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Central Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Combs Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Commons Lane Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Cool Valley Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Cross Keys Middle: Ferguson-Florissant

Duchesne Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Ferguson Middle: Ferguson-Florissant

Griffith Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Halls Ferry Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Holman Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Johnson-Wabash Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Lee Hamilton Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

McCluer High: Ferguson-Florissant

McCluer North High

McCluer South-Berkeley High: Ferguson-Florissant

Parker Road Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Robinwood Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Student Support Center

Vogt Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Walnut Grove Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant

Wedgwood Elementary: Ferguson-Florissant


Private Schools

Epstein Hebrew Academy

Lift for Life Academy

The Lead School

Ohio | Columbus

Phone: +1.614.484.7072

Our local Columbus branch is located at:

175 S. 3rd Street, Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43215

Recruiters: Nancy Prculvoski


The following are partner schools affiliated with our local Columbus office:


Charter Schools

Bridge Gate Elementary

Buckeye Preparatory Academy

Columbus Arts & Technology Academy

Columbus Bilingual Academy – North

East Bridge Academy of Excellence

Horizon Science Academy Elementary

Horizon Science Academy Middle School

Horizon Science Academy Primary

Imagine Columbus Primary Academy

Imagine at Sullivant

Imagine Harrisburg Pike

Kids Care Elementary

Noble Academy

Renaissance Academy of Multi Media Arts

Ohio | Dayton

Phone: +1.937.424.1420

Our local Dayton branch is located at:

15 W. 4th Street, Suite 400
Dayton, OH 45402

Branch Manager: Bonnie Skinner
Recruiters: Teresa Taylor & Michael Hollins


The following are partner schools affiliated with our local Dayton office:


Public Schools

Belle Haven Elementary

Belmont High School

Charity Adams Earley Girls Academy

Cleveland Elementary

David Ponitz Career Technology Center

Dayton Boys Preparatory Academy

Dayton Innovative Learning Center

Dunbar Early College High

Eastmont Elementary

Edison Elementary

Edwin Joel (EJ) Brown

Fairview Elementary

Horace Mann Elementary

Kemp Elementary

Kiser Elementary

Louise Troy Elementary

Meadowdale Elementary

Meadowdale High

River’s Edge Montessori

Rosa Parks Early Learning Center

Ruskin Elementary

Stivers School for the Arts

Thurgood Marshall High

Valerie Elementary

Westwood Elementary

Wogaman Middle

World of Wonder (WOW)

Wright Brothers


Charter Schools

Dayton SMART Bilingual Academy

Horizon Science Academy Downtown

Horizon Science Academy Elementary

Horizon Science Academy High School

Imagine Woodbury Academy

Madisonville SMART Academy

Miami Valley Academies

Middletown Preparatory & Fitness Academy

Montgomery Preparatory Academy

Mound Street Academy

Mount Auburn Preparatory Academy

Mt. Healthy Prep and Fitness Academy

Riverside Academy

Trotwood Preparatory & Fitness Academy

Winton Preparatory Academy


Private Schools

Wenzler Preschool and Learning Center

Tennessee | Ashland City

Phone: +1.615.610.1799

Our local Ashland City branch is located at:

296 Frey Street #8
Ashland City, TN 37015

Recruiter: Casey Peart


The following are partner schools affiliated with our local Ashland City office:


Public Schools

Ashland City Elementary/After School

Cheatham County Central High

Cheatham Middle School/Day School

East Cheatham Elementary School/After School

Harpeth High School

Harpeth Middle School/Day School

Kingston Springs Elementary/After School

Pegram Elementary/After School

Pleasant View Elementary/Day School/After School

Riverside Academy

Sycamore High School

Sycamore Middle School

West Cheatham Elementary/After School


Charter Schools

Rocketship Nashville Northeast Elementary

Rocketship Partners Community Prep

Rocketship United Academy

STRIVE Collegiate Academy


Private Schools

Currey Ingram Academy

Davidson Academy

Harding Academy

Knowledge Academy High School

Knowledge Academy Middle School

Tennessee | Columbia

Phone: +1.931.388.8403 Extension 8148

Our local Columbia branch is located at:

501 W. 8th Street
Columbia, TN 38401

Recruiter: Amber Heath


The following are partner schools affiliated with our local Columbia office:


Public Schools

Baker Elementary School

Brown Elementary School

Cox Middle School

Columbia Central High School

Culleoka Unit School

Hampshire Unit School

Highland Park Elementary School

Horace O. Porter Alternative School

Howell Elementary School

McDowell Elementary School

Mt. Pleasant Elementary School

Mt. Pleasant High School

Mt. Pleasant Middle School

Northfield Academy

Riverside Elementary School

Santa Fe Unit School

Spring Hill Elementary

Spring Hill High School

Spring Hill Middle School

Whitthorne Middle School

Woodward Elementary School

Wright Elementary School


Phone: +1.414.448.6199

Our local Wisconsin branch is located at:

4811 S. 76th Street, Suite 405
Greenfield, WI 53220

Recruiter: Brieanna Skemp


This local office services Milwaukee, Racine, Pembine, and Campbellsport areas.

The following are partner schools affiliated with our local Wisconsin office:


Charter Schools (Milwaukee/Racine, WI)

21st Century Prep School

Capitol West Academy

Carmen High School of Science & Technology South Campus

Carmen Middle School/High School of Science & Technology North Campus

Darrell Lynn Hines (DLH) Academy

Institute of Technology & Academics

Kathryn T. Daniels University Preparatory Academy

King’s Academy

Milwaukee Academy of Science

Milwaukee Collegiate Academy

Milwaukee Math and Science Academy

Next Door 29th Street Campus

Next Door Capitol School

Next Door Oliver Wendell Holmes School

Nova Tech

Penfield Montessori Academy

Rocketship Southside Community Prep

School for Early Development & Achievement (SEDA)


Public Schools (Milwaukee/Racine, WI)

Assata “Alternative” High School

Lad Lake Synergy South

Nova Middle/High School

Southeastern Education Center

Washington Caldwell School

Yorkville Elementary School


Private Schools (Milwaukee/Racine, WI)

Academy of Excellence High School

Academy of Excellence – North Campus

Academy of Excellence – South Campus

Blessed Savior Catholic

Calvary’s Christian Academy

Clara Mohammed School

Destiny High School

Messmer High School

Messmer Saint Mary

Messmer Saint Rose Elementary

St. Joan Antida High School

St. Joseph Academy

St. Margaret Mary


Public Schools (Berlin, WI)

Berlin High School

Berlin Middle School

Clay Lamberton Elementary



Public Schools (Pembine, WI)

Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine Elementary

Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine High School

Beecher-Dunbar-Pembine Special Education


Private Schools (Campbellsport, WI)

St. Matthew School